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Venus will be on medical leave May 29th to June 15th. Matchmaking and interviews will not be conducted during this time.

Boutique Style Service

Introducing a private matchmaking service for single men and single women interested in pursuing a female-privileged relationship. We offer two types of unique relationship styles:

1. Loving Cuckolding Relationships - A one-sided open relationship where he is monogamous to her and she is given the gift of sexual experiences with other men. In turn, she involves him in her adventures in some way. Essential for both is that he remains committed to her joy, happiness, and empowerment and they both absolutely love it that way.

2. Female-Led Relationships - a loving and monogamous (not open) relationship where the woman takes on more responsibility and decision-making power, while the man takes on a more supportive role.

This unique program focuses heavily on celebrating and respecting the women in this lifestyle, learning strategies for success, and most importantly building real relationships with the aim of finding your life partner. For that reason, in this program you will find more emphasis on finding love with someone who shares your vision of a female-privileged relationship and less emphasis on fantasy/kink fulfillment - this is about building real loving relationships. We strongly discourage our members from discussing anything bedroom related including cuckolding or kink in the virtual dates. Instead we tell them to focus on getting to know each other as human beings, just like regular dating. The cuckolding or FLR discussions can happen further down the road once a real relationship is established.

We get it - you want privacy

Unlike most dating apps and kink sites, Venus Connections is totally private. There's no scrolling through profiles, no publishing or sharing photos, no messaging between members. We do all of the coordinating and matching behind the scenes. The only time you talk to other members is during a virtual date! For this reason we concentrate on quality purposeful matches and less on random quantity of dates.

We do require members to fill out a questionnaire complete with truthful and accurate information including your real name, address, photo, and other personal information. This information is not shared with other members. 

For those who are not comfortable sharing personal information with Venus and require an even higher level of privacy and discretion we offer a discreet intake process in the 1% Club Membership as well as an Add-On to Basic and Accelerated Memberships, where none of your information is entered into our website. With a discreet intake, all of your questionnaire information is recorded by hand, by Venus, in your interview, and you may be able to use an alias going forward.


Who is this for?

This matchmaking service is for single aspiring cucks, aspiring cuckoldresses/hotwives (with or without experience), and singles who are looking for a loving female-led relationship. At this time it is not a service for couples, bulls or anyone who is currently in a relationship (not single). Minimum age for membership is 21. The majority of our members reside in North America however we accept candidates from around the world.

Here at Venus Connections we have high expectations for our members. We expect all members to demonstrate that they are honest, reliable, courteous, and responsible at all times. Failure to do so may result in the member being removed from the program.

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How it Works

Choose a Membership

Choose from a Basic Membership or VIP Membership to get started

Questionnaire and Courses

Fill out a detailed confidential questionnaire then complete the courses 

Interview with Venus

After your interview you may be matched if/when a suitable member is available

3 things you need to know!

We encourage you to take the time to determine if this is the right program for you. We have a detailed list of frequently asked questions however these three points are really important:


Here at Venus Connections we take honesty and truthfulness very seriously and we believe that great relationships must start with a solid foundation of trust. If we find that you have not been honest or have portrayed yourself incorrectly on your questionnaire, in your interview, or with a match, you will be removed from the program. This includes providing false names or other personal information.

Time Limit

Once you submit your initial questionnaire you then have up to 3 weeks to complete the courses (this does not apply to VIP Memberships). If you require a time extension, you will need to email us to ask for an extension prior to the end of the 3 weeks. Failure to complete the lessons within the 3 weeks and without a request for extension will result in removal from the program.


Here at Venus Connections we have high expectations for our members. We expect all members to demonstrate that they are honest, reliable, courteous, and responsible at all times. Failure to do so may result in the member being removed from the program.

We do not allow findom, gift seeking, sugar partners, gold diggers, secretly married individuals, fakes, flakes, ghosters, or otherwise generally shady people.

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Who is Venus?


The Venus Connections matchmaking service was created by Venus, full time producer and host of the hugely popular podcast, The Venus Cuckoldress Podcast.
She recognized the unique struggles and barriers to dating in the cuckolding lifestyle and the lack of any real, safe, and reliable options to dating online so she decided it is about time to create what has been desperately needed and long overdue - a private matchmaking service for singles who are serious about finding a loving cuckolding relationship.


More About Venus

Our Core Beliefs

  • cuckolding is not merely a sexual act, but a beautiful, loving, complex, and sexy relationship dynamic built on trust
  • loving cuckolding relationships are a one-sided open relationship where he is faithful to her and he loves her infidelities, and they both love it that way
  • within loving cuckolding relationships he gives her the gift of sexual experiences with others and in return she gives him the gift of being involved in some way; it's a two way street
  • cuckolds are loved, respected, and heard in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • women are loved, adored, cherished, empowered, celebrated, and put first in a loving cuckolding relationship
  • establishing a committed relationship prior to including cuckolding fantasies is vital to a long lasting loving cuckolding relationship
  • female-led relationships are nurturing relationships based on healthy communication, trust, and mutual respect
  • female-led relationships may or may not incorporate power dynamics of dominance and submission - not all gentlemen in FLRs are submissive and not all women are dominant or controlling in nature
  • gentleman in an FLR are deeply loved, respected, heard, and encouraged to be their best self
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