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Are you ready?

The Men’s VIP Membership is an exclusive top tier within the Venus Connections program that offers red carpet access and privileges to clients. With this membership you don’t have to wait to complete the courses before scheduling your interview. Skip the line and schedule your interview within just a few days of signing up.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

VIP (Accelerated) Membership

$899 (CAD)

one time payment

  • Skip the line and be eligible for matches sooner than everyone else - intake time is a few days from sign up
  • The full educational program for men with extended time allowance to work through it
  • A private one hour interview with Venus at a time which works for your schedule 
  • Your detailed and individualized profile is then added to our private dating registry of candidates and you are notified when a match is made
  • Unlimited free matches for one year, after which time an additional match fee applies
  • A 45 minute private video chat with Venus every 3 months (optional)
  • The VIP membership is valid for one year, after which time it reverts to a Basic Membership
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