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Tired of not finding what you're looking for?



Before Venus Connections, online dating in the cuckolding lifestyle used to be unpleasant at the best and often times downright dangerous for women. Not to mention all of your time that would get wasted sifting through blank profiles and trying to identify the real ones from the fakes. It was exhausting and just not sustainable!

All of those problems are gone now. As a women's Basic member in Venus Connections you have¬†a team of professionals who do the searching for you ‚Äď no need to deal with any of the usual online stress, just sit back and relax, we do the work for you!

And our intake process ensures the men in Venus Connections are serious and ready for a real loving relationship. No porn-frenzied fantasy-focused men to deal with anymore!

And best of all, there is no scrolling through profiles or sharing information between members - it's totally private! All of the matching is done behind the scenes and all of the virtual dates are blind dates.

It's Your Time

Our unique program is a step towards achieving the relationship of your dreams




  • a team of professionals who do the searching for you¬†
  • unlimited free matches* with single Basic Membership men who are actually committed to finding a loving cuckolding relationship, and who approach dating in a respectful way
  • the full education program tailored specifically for women
  • a private interview with Venus to learn about what you are looking for

3 Easy Steps



1. Fill out the Questionnaire

2. Complete the Educational Program. You have up to 3 weeks however most people finish in a day or two.

3. Have your interview with Venus

Then start getting matched!

Basic Membership


Canadian Dollars per year

Membership includes:

  • The full Venus Connections "Female Leadership in Modern Relationships" Education Program (must be completed within 3 weeks)
  • A private 30 minute interview with Venus¬†
  • Your detailed and individualized profile is then added to our private dating registry of Basic candidates and you are notified if or when a match is made¬†(this membership does not allow matching with the¬†top 1%¬†members)
  • Free dates!*

*Although women do not pay for their dates (unlike the male members) they may need to pay a $35 CAD match fee for any dates which they cancel (dates which are not rebooked).

PLEASE NOTE: Matches are not guaranteed and membership fees are not refundable. Please see our FAQ to see if this program is right for you.

Email us at [email protected]¬†to ask about special coupon codes for women


Top 1% Membership


Canadian Dollars

This membership is for distinguished women who are attractive, enjoy putting effort into their appearance, and love feeling sexy and desired.
  • Unlike all of the other memberships we offer, this¬†allows you to be matched with the gentlemen in the 1% Club.¬†¬†These gentlemen¬†tend to be career driven (minimum income of $150,000 USD per year),¬†refined and stylish, and outgoing with excellent communications skills. They prefer the finer things in life and enjoy being active and staying in shape.¬†These gentlemen seek the most desired women who enjoy looking great - some might even say...the "trophy wife" type!
  • This is the only membership that gives you the ability to state your preferences for matches based on¬†body type, height, race, income, religious affiliation, and experience.
  • Ultra discreet intake¬†(optional). No need to worry about data breaches or site hacks. All data gathered from you will be recorded by hand, by Venus, in your Zoom interview.¬†
  • Skip the line and be eligible for matches sooner than everyone else -¬†intake time is a few days from sign up
  • The full educational program for women with extended time allowance to work through it
  • A¬†private one hour interview with Venus¬†at a time which works for your schedule¬†
  • No match fees
  • A 45 minute private video chat with Venus every 3 months (optional)
  • The¬†1% Club¬†membership is valid for one year and does not auto-renew

PLEASE NOTE: Matches are not guaranteed and membership fees are not refundable. Please see our FAQ to see if this program is right for you.

Email us at¬†[email protected]¬†to ask about special coupon codes for women

Please note: Venus Connections is not accepting married folks, poly folks, or couples looking for bulls. Members must be single, unattached, and not in a relationship.
More FAQ
*Women enjoy free matches in the Venus Connections program. The exception is if they cancel a booked date and it is not rescheduled, a $35 CAD match fee will be applicable.