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Before Venus Connections, online dating in the FLR lifestyle was unpleasant at the best of times, and sometimes even downright dangerous for women. Not to mention all of your time that would get wasted sifting through blank profiles and trying to identify the real ones from the fakes. It was exhausting and just not sustainable!

All of those problems are gone now. As a women's member in the Venus Connections FLR program you have a team of professionals who do the searching for you – no need to deal with any of the usual online stress, just sit back and relax, we do the work for you!

And our intake process ensures the men in Venus Connections are serious and ready for a real female-led relationship. 

And best of all, there is no scrolling through profiles or sharing information between members - it's totally private! All of the matching is done behind the scenes and all of the virtual dates are blind dates.

It's Your Time

Our unique program is a step towards achieving the relationship of your dreams




  • a team of professionals who do the searching for you 
  • unlimited free matches* with quality single men who are actually committed to finding a female-led relationship, and who approach dating in a respectful way
  • the full education program "Female Leadership in Modern Relationships"
  • a private interview with Venus to learn about what it is you are looking for

3 Easy Steps



1. Fill out the Questionnaire

2. Complete the Educational Program. You have up to 3 weeks however most people finish in a day or two.

3. Have your interview with Venus

Then start getting matched!




per year

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*Women enjoy free matches in the Venus Connections program. The exception is if they cancel a booked date and it is not rescheduled, a $35 CAD match fee will be applicable.